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How to repair gear and items in New World

Does your gear keep breaking in New World? Here’s how to repair your gear and items with ease.
How to repair gear and items in New World

The level of crafting in New World is one of MMORPG's best qualities. Players can create armour, weapons and tools that they can then use out in the world to level up their skills and defend themselves against enemies. 

However, with how much use players get out of their gear and tools, it’s not surprising to learn that they can break over time. In this situation, they need to be repaired in order to be used again. 

The one problem with that is players aren’t too sure how to repair their gear and tools. To save yourself the trouble of crafting or finding new items, learn how to repair items down below. 

Repairing gear and items in New World 

how to repair items in New WOrld
Settlements hold the stations necessary to craft items. (Picture: Amazon)

The process of repairing something in New World is extremely simple. All players need to do is right-click on the piece of gear or tool that needs to be fixed. This will bring up a side menu and the option to repair the item will become available. 

All players need to do is hit that option and the requirements to repair the item will pop up. Usually, the cost to repair items takes some repair parts and a small amount of coin. You can earn repair parts from salvaging gear or items that you don’t need in New World. This can also be done by right-clicking on a specific item. 

Once you have enough repair parts and the right amount of coin, you can repair the item in question. With armour and weapons, you can continually use them no matter how many times you repair them.

Though, with tools like a sickle or logging axe, each time you repair one, it loses some durability. So the more times you repair a tool, the less durable it becomes and the more you’ll need to repair it in the future. 

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