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New World Character Server Transfer: how it works, free server tokens, progress data, more

With character server transfers, players can find their character's next home for free. Here’s how.
New World Character Server Transfer: how it works, free server tokens, progress data, more

Amazon Games’ MMORPG, New World, has had a successful launch last month, and on the back of it, plenty of content, activities and battles to participate in. With thousands of players in-game exploring, looting and battling across Aeternum, there is more that remains to be searched across the game’s multiple servers.

Naturally, some servers are more desirable by players for many reasons, including server stability, prolonged wait times or wanting to be in the same realm as your fellow compatriots. At some point, players will be looking to hop onto a new server. This detailed guide will demonstrate how players can transfer, move or port their characters to other servers and how this can be achieved.

Can players transfer characters to another server?

In writing, there is no feature or setting available for players to join new servers when one becomes overrun with players or deemed problematic. To remedy the ongoing issue, the developer has introduced more servers post-launch to support the increased amounts of players travelling to Aeternum.

Amazon Games are set to roll out character server transfers soon. (Picture: Amazon Games)

With the inclusion of these new servers, they rapidly became populated by newer players and are fast getting overcrowded. As such, Amazon Games have laid infrastructure to make character transfers possible.

Issued in a statement posted to the game’s official Twitter account on 1st October, the developer identified some of the problems players are experiencing when trying to get into the game faster. They have also outlined plans to meet the demands of players struggling to rejoin servers or to move to another one entirely.

“We are also working hard on a feature that will allow you to transfer your characters to a different server, so if you choose one now just to get up and playing, you can make a different choice later to play on a server with your friends.”

Furthermore, these plans were meant to commence one week after the statement was made public. As a result, the developer has come under fire by players for delaying the rollout of the feature for which Amazon Games had issued a follow-up statement on the game's official forum, explaining the reasons behind the delay.

Players will have to wait a bit longer for character server transfers to be available. (Picture: Amazon Games)

“While we want everyone to find their long-term home in Aeternum as soon as possible, we also want to ensure that the process is seamless and ready for everyone to use. During our testing, we uncovered some edge cases where the transfer experience does not meet our standards for its release. This means that we will be taking extra time to get these issues resolved before we feel comfortable giving everyone their free server transfer token.”  

How will character transfers work in New World?

Amazon Games have detailed in the same statement more information that players will need to know on what to expect. Amazon Games will issue all players will a free server transfer token, which will be used during the process.

Amazon Games have outlined what players can expect before, during and after moving to another server. (Picture: Amazon Games)

To start the process, players will have to log into the game and select the character they wish to transfer over to another server. This means that depending on the server and its region, long wait times are to be expected.

Next, players will direct their way to the in-game store to claim the free (and gifted) server token for their character. Players are also required to resign from their chosen Company as well as cancel any or all active selling and buying orders at the Trading Post.

If your character’s last saved point location is not at a sanctuary, like a settlement or an outpost, players will have to travel to one for the transfer to commence. From here, players have the options to either move to any available world within your region or territory, meaning players in Europe cannot join worlds in the US, for example.

Players are warned that the transfer will not be completed if a world has the maximum number of players, is currently down due to maintenance, or players have an existing character in that world.

What progress will be transferred over to the next server?

Your homes and housing furnishings are one of the many things players can transfer to the next server. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Luckily, players won’t have to fret much on what character progress will be moved to the next server. Amazon Games have explained what players need to know before making the big jump to their new home.

  • All character progression like rank level, weapon mastery, titles and more
  • All quest progress
  • Character homes and their decorations
  • Character inventory and storage capacity
  • All your currency
  • Faction alliance and progress data

Unfortunately, your Company membership, friends’ list, and Trading Post activities will not be moved over.

The developer has noted instances if players regret selecting their new world, joined a full world or would like the opportunity to join more servers. Players will need another server transfer token for this to be achieved as and such, will continue to monitor all servers before distributing more free tokens.

Once most players have adjusted to their new homes, these tokens will then become available via the in-game store. Amazon Games will notify players ahead of time when this becomes available.

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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.