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New World gold dupe bug returns after Amazon disables Trading Post

Amazon Games' attempt to fix a gold duplication exploit by disabling trading posts in New World MMO has inadvertently created an entirely new gold dupe bug in the game -- oops!
Since its release, Amazon Games' debut game New World MMO has encountered many hiccups and bugs, including long server queue times and game-breaking invincibility exploit. One bug even allowed players to kick other users out of Aeternum by injecting HTML code to crash their game through the in-game messaging system.

More recently, however, a "gold duplication exploit" (colloquially referred to as a "gold dupe bug") was discovered, which allowed players to create currency through a glitch in trading posts. Unfortunately, these exploits invariably forced Amazon Games to temporarily disable trading between players, which inadvertently made an entirely new gold dupe bug in the game.

New World gold exploit back after Amazon disabled Trading Post

A Redditor xAleksas was lost for words when they raised the issue on 2nd November, explaining that if New World players tried to start a town upgrade, the upgrade would fail, and their gold would not be deducted. However, if the players reconnected to the game, they would get the upgrade cost added to their company wallets.

Since the thread has received several thousand upvotes, hundreds of other New World players have voiced their frustration. 

"I spent my entire time playing this game being involved in the economy. I'm royally f***ed at this point, and my time is completely wasted. I spent every other game making a badass tank and randomly decided to craft and market in this game for the first time in my life. F*** me, right?" another Redditor wrote.

New World players have discovered another gold dupe exploit after devs disable trading posts. (Picture: Amazon Games)
New World players have discovered another gold dupe exploit after devs disabled trading posts. (Picture: Amazon Games)

xAleksas later commented, saying: "What's funny is that the [New World] staff didn't even bother reading the thread where this exploit is (sic) discussed and thought it was about the gold dupe that led to this sh*t show in the first place."

At the time of writing, all forms of wealth transfer are disabled, including player-to-player trading, sending currency, guild treasuries, and trading posts.

New World MMO wealth transfer is disabled owing to gold dupe exploit amazon games
New World MMO wealth transfer is disabled owing to gold dupe exploit. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The New World Community Manager Luxendra noted via the official forums that they would only turn on the wealth transfer again "once the gold duplication exploit has been investigated."

Given that they've opened an entirely new can of worms, there's no telling how long it will take for Amazon Games to resolve either of these issues. However, we will endeavour to keep you updated regarding further developments on this matter.


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Featured image courtesy of WePC.