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New World: How to get paprika

Paprika is an ingredient that some players don’t know they need until they do in New World.
New World: How to get paprika

Paprika is one of 12 herbs in New World and is a key ingredient to some spicy cooking recipes. Players who are attempting to level up their cooking trade skill will certainly need to know where to get a hold of this Aeternum delicacy. 

For starters, herbs are scattered around Aeternum much like other resources found in New World. However, the problem is that players aren’t sure which harvestable herbs hold the one they’re looking for. In this case, players need to know which particular herb plants can hold paprika. 

Below, fans can see exactly where they can have the best chance of looting the spice in New World so they can continue to level up their Cooking trade skill. 

Getting paprika in New World 

Paprika New World
Paprika is found spread out across Aeternum. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Out of all of the regions in New World, there are three that hold the highest chance of yielding paprika from a herb plant. Herb plants are purple/blue bushes that players can harvest at any level as long as they have a sickle tool equipped. 

The three regions in question are Shattered Mountain, Monarch’s Bluffs and Brightwood. Obviously, the last two regions on the list are the more preferred, as Shattered Mountain is a high-level region that holds many dangers. However, currently, there are no herb spawns in the region, as they’ll likely come at a later time.  

With Monarch’s Bluffs and Brightwood, though, players can go around harvesting the bushes with absolute safety. 

Below, fans can see the locations of herb plants that can hold paprika in Monarch’s Bluffs and Brightwood. 

New World how to get paprika
The location of herbs in Brightwood. (Picture: New World Interactive Map)
Where to get Paprika New WOrld
The location of herbs in Monarch’s Bluffs. (Picture: New World Interactive Map)

As you can see, Monarch’s Bluffs is clearly the way to go when looking for paprika or herb bushes in general. Brightwood has some spots but not nearly as many as the Bluffs. Once you find a bush, harvest it and hope there’s some paprika inside. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.