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New World
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New World: How to get sage

Spice up your crafting recipes with sage in New World.
Throughout your journey in Aeternum, you’ll likely come across the need for a variety of herbs. There are 12 total herbs in New World and at some point, you’ll require one of them for some reason or another. Sage is among the 12 herbs in New World and there have been questions as to how to acquire it in-game. 

Herbs come in handy at the kitchen crafting station and can help level up the cooking trade skill in New World. The recipes that involve herbs are generally more advanced and yield more XP when completed. They can also provide recipes that give the player additional buffs, which is always a nice benefit. 

Below, you can read about how to acquire sage specifically in New World. 

Finding sage in New World 


New World Sage
Players need to craft high-tier food to stay alive. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Like all of the other 12 herbs in New World, sage mainly comes from harvesting herb plants found all across Aeternum. Herb plants are blue/purple in colour and can be found out in the wild in every region on the map. 

However, different regions hold a higher chance of dropping specific herbs from these plants. In order to have a higher chance of acquiring sage, you’ll want to look mainly in Everfall and Brightwood. Reekwater also has a chance of dropping more sage but Everfall and Brightwood have a higher number of plants.


New World Herbs
The full map of herb plants in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

If you want to see exactly where these plants are, you can visit this website to see an interactive map of New World and find herb plants specifically. 

Once you’ve found the plants, simply harvest them with a sickel tool until you acquire the sage you’re looking for. 


If you need a refresher on New World, make sure to check out our guides for the game on our dedicated section. Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.