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New World: How to get string beans

New World has an intricate cooking system and string beans are one of the game's more prized ingredients. Here's how to find string beans in New World MMO.
New World: How to get string beans

New World's cooking system is rich in ingredients and recipes, with mastering cooking being a skill and knowing what items are valuable being an important aspect of the game.

Some of the ingredients required for recipes (especially at higher levels) aren't easy to find, with some ingredients only being available in certain regions of Aeternum. One such item is string beans, which is required once you reach cooking level 150.

In order to level up to 200, you will need to begin cooking hearty and energizing meals. String beans are one of five different ingredients you can use (in combination with meat and herbs) to create such a meal. Here is how to find them

How to find string beans in New World MMO

String beans can be found in provision caches, provision crates or provision stockpiles. These can only be found in three regions, namely: Ebonscale, Everfall, and Reekswater.

New World string beans
String beans can be found in these three marked locations. (Picture: Amazon Studios / NewWorld-Map)

Provision supplies are containers that sit on the ground and often display tomatoes and other vegetables inside them. These crates have a 15-30 min spawn time and are usually clustered together.

New World String beans
String beans can be found in loot marked "provisions". (Picture: Amazon Studio)

One of the easiest places to pick up string beans is in the North-East direction of Everfall.

Everfall is an area more forgiving for lower level players, as both Ebonscale Reach and Reekswater have high-level mobs roaming around.

To get the string beans, navigate to the Riverworm Grotto in the North-East direction. There are three provisions crates within the Grotto itself, as well as one residing just outside to the East, and another across the bridge to the South.

New World brean sprouts
The Riverworm Grotto is a great place to go to for string beans. (Picture: Amazon Studios / NewWorld-Map)

By the time you get to the one in the South, you can make the journey back north for the respawned crates at the Grotto.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Studio.