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New World mining guide: How to mine, crafting pickaxe, track resources and more

In New World, mining is an essential Trade Skill that allows players to track and gather resources in the form of ores that can be used in crafting.
New World mining guide: How to mine, crafting pickaxe, track resources and more

Mining can greatly help players improve their mining and tracking skills when locating resources. In doing so, the higher your skill is, the higher quality of ores you can get access to such as Starmetal and Lodestone.

Likewise, mining can also help boost their skills in armouring, engineering and furnishing since mining ores can be useful for crafting weapons, armour and more. This mining guide will cover how to mine in New World, general mining tips to improve your mining skills and more.

New World mining system explained

New World Mining guide
Mining high-quality resources means that players can craft better weapons and armour. (Picture: Amazon Games)

To start mining, players will need to have a Flint Mining Pickaxe which doesn’t require much crafting skill and if you follow the opening quests you will find yourself in possession of one. Once you have a pickaxe, finding a mine or a mining route that spawns a good concentration of ores can be complicated to locate.

The best option to approach the dilemma is to bring up your map and click on Resource Locations. From here, you can select various types of environments or terrains that spawn various resources, in this case, ores and you’ll be able to find mining spots much faster.

New World mining crafting a pickaxe
The Resource Locations tab comes in hand when locating resources to mine or harvest. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The Highland region usually has a surplus of ores including iron and silver which should be the best places to start. Windsward, Monarch’s Bluff and Everfall are some of the best places for players starting.

Crafting a pickaxe in New World

Another essential component of New World is crafting as this will increase your engineering experience to craft better equipment. A pickaxe is a preferred tool for mining for which players will need when levelling up.

New World pickaxe
If you need a pickaxe or craft a better one, find a workshop in any settlement. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The pickaxe can be crafted at the workshop available at most, if not all, settlements. Mining higher quality resources do mean that players can craft a better quality pickaxe which in turn can boost the mining speed. Additionally, when crafting a pickaxe, there is a likelihood that a perk will be added that can contribute to various attributes of your pickaxe.

These are the available pickaxe perks dependent on resources and speed:

  • Flint: 100%

  • Iron: 125%

  • Steel: 250%

  • Starmetal: 400%

  • Orichalcum: 625%

Crafting a pickaxe New WOrld
Crafting a pickaxe can give the tool a bonus perk that can contribute to the tool’s mining speed. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Once you have your pickaxe crafted and equipped, find a boulder or rock you wish to strike. Interact with the boulder or rock until ores are dropped.

How to mine and track resources in New World?

Once players start increasing their mining experience, you’ll want to keep crafting new pickaxes. If you want a great quality pickaxe, these resources will be made available at various mining and tracking levels.

  • Iron: mining level 0, tracking level 25

  • Silver: mining level 10, tracking level 35

  • Oil: mining level 20, tracking level 45

  • Gold: mining level 45, tracking level 70

  • Alchemy Stones: mining level 50, tracking level 75

  • Starmetal: mining level 100, tracking level 125

  • Lodestone: mining level 105, tracking level 155

  • Platinum: mining level 110, tracking level 135

  • Orichalcum: mining level 175, tracking level 200

New World mining and tracking skills
Increase your mining and tracking skills to find better quality resources. (Picture: Amazon Games)

To check what your mining or tracking level is or which levels you want to reach, bring up the 'Character' menu screen, click on the 'Trade Skills' tab and search for gathering  where you’ll find the 'Mining' tab. Players can view their mining statistics like mining and tracking levels such as their leveling progress and which resources they can mine or harvest and track.

New World Mining bonuses and luck

Once players have found locations to mine and have acquired the mining and levelling experience needed, there are some added bonuses players can utilise which can buff their pickaxe.

  • Steel Miner’s Charm: A Prospector’s Discipline perk that allows players to gain additional mining experience by 9.4%

  • Starmetal Miner’s Charm: A Mining Luck perk that grants players a bonus when locating rare resources by 9.3%

  • Orichalcum Miner Charm: A Mining Yield perk that allows players to mine or harvest resources by 19%

General New World mining rules

There are a few more general mining techniques that can make mining less tedious and more of an adventure. Not only will this take most of the stress and pain of doing a mining run but players will be able to reap the rewards while earning mining experience.

It’s important to note that ores generally have a respawn rate of 15-20 minutes. So, planning a route that has a few mining locations besides each other means that players can always head back to the first location once it has reset.

NEw world mining
Mining in populous areas like large settlements can be rather difficult for players to mine resources. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Try not to plan a mining route when servers are highly populated with players. You find players doing the same thing and the last thing on needs is interruptions but importantly, it does mean less ore to mine and more areas that are resetting.

When looking for mining locations, try refining your search to areas that are less popular with players. While you may not find higher concentrations of ores in these locations, however, staying off the beaten path does mean less interactions with other players.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.