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TSM SolidFPS banned after abusing New World exploits

The TSM FTX streamer earned himself a temporary ban from New World due to his reckless abuse of several exploits while livestreaming on Twitch.
TSM SolidFPS banned after abusing New World exploits

It's no secret that Amazon's popular MMO New World was released riddled with bugs and glitches which have allowed players to exploit the game in numerous ways.

And while the game is highly praised among MMO enthusiasts for its core gameplay loop and the interestingly crafted world, players have been calling for fixes since the game was released on 28th September.

Problems span from things like balance and design issues to outright security threats, as players have discovered that they can tamper with other players' experiences by simply entering specific commands in global chat.

SolidFPS new world cloud9
SolidFPS used to play PUBG professionally before switching to variety streaming. (Picture: RedBull)

Due to the sheer prevalence of these opportunities to exploit the game, it's has become almost unavoidable for players to partake in such activities if they want to keep up with the game's economy, especially because it seems that Amazon Games is not doing much (or at least not fast enough) to stamp out these critical problems from their game.

Nonetheless, if you are a content creator and streamer, you should absolutely not do such things publically or it will definitely get you banned, something SolidFPS learned the hard way earlier today.

TSM FTX SolidFPS banned from New World over exploit abuse

On November 2nd, SolidFPS got banned from the popular MMO title after he had abused several well-known exploits on his stream.

SolidFPS, who had played PUBG professionally before he has become a variety streamer, was handed a 24-hour ban.

The reasons behind this ban are two well-known exploits he was using on stream while fighting a boss in New World.

The first one is an infinite boss spawns exploit, where a player can move just out of render distance of the boss, and then come back, which will make the boss reappear and thus allow his group to infinitely farm that boss for items and resources.

And to make this somewhat tedious process quicker, SolidFPS is abusing another bug, an 'animation cancel', something which exists in many games as a way to make your DPS (damage per second) higher in non-exploitative ways, but in New World it allows players to spam certain spells without limits, by switching between two fire staff weapons, which results in monstrous DPS.

SolidFPS justified his actions with what he calls "being efficient" as he thinks that's an important factor in grind-y MMO games: "Yeah, farming a boss that respawns is being efficient in terms of loot per hour. And in terms of damage output, fire staff animation cancelling."

Upon learning about his 1-day ban, Solid didn't seem to have shown remorse, rather he posted a sarcastic tweet, mocking those overreacting over his actions.

Ultimately, while all players and content creators have a responsibility not to abuse numerous exploits currently present in the game, it is on Amazon Games to fix their game, as unfortunately, bugs and glitches permeate New World and some, like the gold dupe bug, were being exploited on such a large scale that Amazon was forced to disable Trading Post.


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Featured image courtesy of TSM.