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When will New World get mounts?

Many players are wondering if New World has mounted or when Amazon Games' MMO could get mounts following the game's release.
When will New World get mounts?

We enjoyed our time in the first New World back in August, exploring the island of Aeternum, getting up to all kinds of antics, from looking for rare resources to fighting a variety of deadly enemies with the entertaining combat system. Following the first betas, developer Amazon Games decided to delay New World until 28th September to make gameplay improvements after fan feedback. One of the aspects that some fans have been asking for, aka mounts in New World, is an entirely different topic.

If you've been wondering when or if New World will be getting mounts, we've got you covered with the latest information.

When will New World mounts arrive?

We know for sure that New World won't have mounts at launch, despite some fans asking for this feature. In other MMORPGs, mounts allow players to get around faster. 

New world mount feature when release amazon games
No, you definitely can't use a bear as a mount in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The game director for New World, Scot Lane, via an interview with Wccftech, explained that: "I think right now our world isn't of the size that warrants mounts. When we do get there with the live game, that's gonna happen at some point, we'll add mounts when we feel players will benefit from them and we can do them in a really cool way that works for us."

This means that we likely won't see mounts in New World for some time after launch, until the game's size increases with future content updates, at the very least.

Interestingly, a piece of lore found by Reddit user "ParadiftShigm" in-game basically shuts down the idea of mounts.

will new world have mounts feature mount amazon games release
A nice way of saying there are no mounts in New World at launch. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Saying that, however, Ser Medieval spoke to Amazon Games and notes how the developer is well aware of the discussion surrounding mounts in New World. 

Amazon Games then gave Ser Medieval a question: "Should they focus on designing an intricate system for mounts, where it becomes an extension of your character, or should they rush to try and get mounts out as soon as possible to alleviate some of the travel concerns?"

The topic starts at the 1:08 mark in the video below.

Keep in mind that this is not official confirmation that New World will get mounts. It does, however, showcase that Amazon Games is thinking about it.

When will New World get mounts? Your guess is as good as ours. If we had to take an educated guestimate, and the developers do decide to create an intricate system, we definitely don't expect New World mounts to release this year.

New World will be available on PC on 28th September 2021. You can pre-order it now via Steam.

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