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Where to find Fibers in New World

Making linen requires fibre and fibres are found through hemp. Where can players find it in Aeternum?
Where to find Fibers in New World

The amount of resources players can collect in New World is a tad overwhelming but there’s one that seems to be eluding a majority of players. 

That resource would be hemp and more specifically fibres. Fibres are made through hemp, which is a resource that can be harvested in New World. However, players are struggling to find a single hemp plant throughout their time in the new MMO. This is somewhat frustrating for those players, as hemp makes fibres which makes linen, one of the key materials in making armour and weapons in New World. 

Below, any frustrated player can find out exactly where to find hemp and thus make fibres. 

Finding hemp in New World

Where to find Fibers in New World hemp
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The actual hemp plant is green with brownish-red flowers on top of it. The plant is a darker green than the traditional bush, so players should be able to spot it relatively easily. Unfortunately, the problem is that players have no idea where to look for the plant.

The one location that players have found the most success finding hemp is in the region of Everfall. Hemp seems to be mainly found in grassy plains and farms and not near mountains.

Everfall is littered with this kind of terrain, so it’s wise for players to start their search there. One specific location that has been known to hold hemp is Olcott’s Family Farm, southwest of Everfall. 

Once players have found the green plant, they’ll need a sickle of any kind. If the sickle is equipped in the tools slot, players can then begin harvesting the hemp.

The larger the hemp plant, the more fibres will add to their inventory. No hemp is actually harvested, as it turns into fibres once harvested. After players have the fibres, they can visit a Loom station and turn it into linen.