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Where to find gold in New World

Make the process of crafting amulets and rings much easier on yourself by knowing where to find gold.
Where to find gold in New World

Mining is one of the most challenging skills in New World. Not because the skill is difficult by any means, but because of the level players need to be in order to mine the more precious metals of the game. 

Gold is one such precious metal, classified as a tier 3 metal, and has players stumped so far. Many aren’t sure where to find it after they grinded their way to the level they needed to be in order to actually harvest it. Unlike silver and iron ore veins, gold is a little more difficult to find thanks to it being a higher tier of metal. 

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find in New World. Actually, there are quite a few regions that hold the minable metal. So where are these locations? Keep reading below to find out exactly where you can find gold.

Finding gold in New World

Where to find gold in New World locations
Players will use the outfitting station most when working with gold. (Picture: Amazon)

Players can locate gold in most regions of New World. Although, the regions have some specific spots that are known to possess gold. 

Like with iron and silver, gold is found in mountainous regions and in caves more so than other terrains. This will narrow players’ search for the metal but they can look below for a full rundown on what spots they can visit to find gold. 

  • Windsward - Eldergate, Perilbrook, Buccaneer Falls, west of Watchtower

  • First Light - Coffman’s Redoubt, Saircor 

  • Monarch’s Bluffs - Howltower Hallow, Mines de Miclot, Adamant Mine

  • Everfall - Arcturus

  • Brightwood - Lush Hideaway, along the river of Broad Fishing Spot east of Lush Hideaway

The biggest gold mining farm that players have discovered is in Brightwood. Along the river and broad fishing spot east of the Lush Hideaway is a plethora of gold. There are roughly a dozen veins you can mine and rack up the gold in New World.

Once players have mined enough gold, they can create various amulets and rings as long as their jewel crafting level is at 50 and the settlement’s outfitting station is tier three. Players need to have a mining level of 45.