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How to catch a large salmon in New World

One of the toughest fish to catch in New World is a large salmon.
How to catch a large salmon in New World

Out of all the possible fish to reel in with a fishing pole in New World, the large salmon is among the toughest. Many players receive a quest to catch this specific fish and size from the town board, as it offers a good amount of XP and coin. However, upon actually trying to catch the fish, they figure out it’s no walk in the park. 

Fishing in New World can become addicting, as players can level up the skill while also reeling in different kinds of fish. For players going for large salmon, though, they would much rather step out of the water than in it with a pole in their hand. 

There aren’t many known ways to catch a large salmon but we’ll go over how other players have done it so far.

Catching a large salmon in New World 

salmon new world
A large salmon is an enigma in New World. (Picture: Amazon)

To start, we’ll go over a common misconception, which is that bait plays a huge role in what fish you catch. This isn’t true, as many players have reported reeling in large salmon or cod with no bait attached on their line at all. So if you don’t have any rare pieces of bait, don’t sweat it. You can cast out with pretty much anything on your line and have the same chance of reeling in the fish you want. 

Next, the spots that players have found the most luck finding large salmon seems to be by Master Fisher Michael Shield, who gives you your first fishing pole, or by Dena Ruby. Ruby’s location is on the border of Everfall and Ebonscale Reach. The lake by her is filled with large fish and you just need to whip out your pole and start fishing in it. 

After some time, players have reported reeling in a couple of large salmon. However, some of the town board quests require players to catch five or more large salmon, which will likely take multiple hours to accomplish. 

On the New World forums, players have stated they reached level 30+ fishing just by attempting to catch the required amount of large salmon.

We’ll update this article if any more concrete ways to catch large salmon become known.


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