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Where to find silver in New World

If you want to craft some nice jewelry or special weapons in New World, you’re going to need some silver ore.
Where to find silver in New World

Silver is the next resource on the smelting list after iron, which is the most basic of the metals in New World

While silver can't create armour or nearly as many weapons as iron, its use is still important in Aeternum. Players might need silver for a wide variety of reasons, including making jewellery or special kinds of weapons in either weaponsmithing or arcana.

That said, it's wise for players to know how to get their hands on some silver in the new MMORPG from Amazon Games. 

However, before you can get silver, you need to find silver ore. In this article, we'll go over how to do exactly that. 

Finding silver ore in New World

Where to find silver in New World locations
Silver is often found in caves or mountainous regions. (Picture: Amazon)

Like with iron ore, you need to find a silver ore vein in order to mine yourself some of the precious metal. Silver ore veins are generally found where iron ore veins can be found, which is in mountains, caves or dense forests. As of right now, no popular mining spot has been discovered by New World players.

Although, the Windsward region has been the go-to spot for players looking to increase their inventory with metals or other harvesting materials. If you don’t want to venture to Windsward, though, you can also look in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs and First Light, which all border the region. 

If you want an easy way to locate silver ore veins, reach level 35 mining in New World. This will allow your compass at the top of the HUD to track silver ore veins, allowing you to see exactly where they are.

This isn’t too hard to reach, as you need to be at least level 10 to mine silver, so level 35 isn’t much of a stretch. For players that might not have time to reach that level, you can check out New World’s resource map for certain silver ore vein spots across the map.

This is considered cheating by some players but there’s no harm in gaining an edge in an MMORPG. As long as you grab some of the precious metal, that’s all that matters.