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Will F-Zero 99 Get More Tracks?

F-Zero 99 should be getting new courses in the near future.
Will F-Zero 99 Get More Tracks?

Recently, we had a Nintendo Direct that showcased multiple announcements that were worth looking out for. One of the most surprising announcements came from F-Zero 99, a battle royale spin on a classic racing game. Although it is a bit difficult to play with your friends, players can go against 98 opponents at the same time.

This creates a lot of chaotic situations with all of the different machines that are on the course at the same time. One of the things that make F-Zero 99 fun for players is the variety of different courses that they can play. With that in mind, there are more courses coming to F-Zero 99 in the near future, and some that might have been discovered by data miners.

Data Miners Discover New Tracks For F-Zero 99

F-Zero 99 New Courses
There are a lot of iconic tracks that are available in F-Zero 99. (Picture: Nintendo)

One of the things that was most heavily advertised for F-Zero 99 is the fact that this is just an upgraded version of the original F-Zero. The tracks are the same, the machines are the same, and just about every other detail is also the same. But it looks like there could be more coming to F-Zero 99 in the future if data miners are correct.

Data miner @LuigiBlood on Twitter said that they found some unused files which include new tracks. One of them looks like a track that was previously only available in Japan. This would be huge for international players, potentially marking the first time they could play these courses. But these tracks could be just placeholders during the developmental process.

Queen League And King League Coming Soon To F-Zero 99

F-Zero 99 New Courses
Could there be brand-new courses introduced to F-Zero 99? (Picture: Nintendo)

Although there are some potential secret courses coming in the future, we are for sure getting a rotation of courses coming sooner rather than later. In late September or early October, we will see the introduction of the Queen League, which will have different layouts for a variety of courses, such as Mute City II.

On top of the Queen League, we will also be getting the King League, which will have the hardest tracks that players can race on. It's unclear what could follow after the King League. It could be that we rotate back to the Knight League, or we'll see more courses introduced in F-Zero 99.