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The Outlast Trials Key Locations In The Police Station 'Kill The Snitch' Trial

Here's how to get the Police Station Symbol Keys in The Outlast Trials' Kill The Snitch.
The Outlast Trials Key Locations In The Police Station 'Kill The Snitch' Trial
(Picture: Red Barrels)

The first trial in The Outlast Trials is called Kill The Snitch; within this mission, you'll need to collect some keys from the Police Station according to the symbols displayed. This can be pretty confusing your first time around, though, as it's not entirely clear as to what these strange symbols might mean or where you should be looking. So for those who are new to the game, here's how to get the Police Station Symbol keys in Kill the Snitch trial.

How To Get The Police Station Symbol Keys In Kill The Snitch?

You'll find a closed gate with a TV monitor above, displaying a heart symbol on it. You're meant to take this literally: you'll have to pull the key from a corpse's heart.

To do this, find the yellow door with "Key" on it. In this room, you'll find a corpse lying on the floor; on its chest is a blue heart, which holds the key you're looking for. Search the dead body, grab the key, and open the gate using the electrical panel.


Where are the rest of the Police Station keys in The Outlast Trials?

You'll need more keys to open up the other gates in order to keep pushing The Snitch along the path. There are three more gates that block your path, preventing you from carrying on in your mission. This means that you'll need to find three more keys to continue.

When finding the remaining keys you'll still rely on the TV monitor's information for clues, but it will display different shapes each time, leading you to different locations where you'll be able to find more keys on corpses.

The keys' locations and shapes differ in each specific trial, so there's no one specific list that you can always follow; you'll just need to pay attention to the TV monitor and move accordingly. Just remember that on your search for the keys, you'll have enemies stalking you, so watch your back.

Once you've found all of the keys, you've pretty much completed the Kill The Snitch trial and you can move on to the final section in the Electrocution Chamber. This means you've finished the very first trial in The Outlast Trials, so congratulations!