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What Is The Max Level Cap In The Outlast Trials?

What is the maximum level in The Outlast Trials? Let's take a look.
What Is The Max Level Cap In The Outlast Trials?
(Picture: Red Barrels)

While playing The Outlast Trials, you'll increase your Therapy Level as you complete trials, earn XP, and continue to progress. The higher your Therapy Level, the more experience you have in successfully completing trials. If you've been playing for a while, or if you're just starting out and wondering about the game's limits, you might be wondering if there's a maximum Therapy level in the game, also known as the level cap. Here's everything you need to know about The Outlast Trials' level cap, and just how far you can keep levelling up.

What Is The Outlast Trials Level Cap?

The Outlast Trials' current level cap is 65, as of the v.10 full release. Once you hit level 65, you won't be able to increase your Therapy Level any further. To reach this level, you'd have to complete all of the game's trials several times. However, you can continue being Reborn past this point.

level cap outlast trials
The Outlast Trials features a max Therapy Level that players will cap out at. (Picture: Red Barrels)

Will The Max Level Cap Increase In The Future?

Over time, Red Barrels has increased the level cap in The Outlast Trials. Previously, as of October 2023, the game's level cap was 56. From the start of Early Access up until the October 2023 change, the level cap was 40. 

It's possible that it could be further increased in the future, when new content is added, to allow players to further progress in the game. Considering that the game just came out as a full release after quite a while in Early Access, it's unlikely that any changes to the level cap will be coming in the very near future as developers give players time to progress and climb the ranks -  but changes could definitely be in the works in the coming months.