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How To Level Up Therapy Level Fast In The Outlast Trials?

Here's how to level up your Therapy Level quickly in The Outlast Trials.
How To Level Up Therapy Level Fast In The Outlast Trials?
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What Is the Fastest Way to Get XP in The Outlast Trials?

Leveling up your Therapy level is how you progress in The Outlast Trials; as you level up, you'll unlock new things and be able to accomplish new feats. Your Therapy level is your ticket to Prescriptions, new trials, and more. This is how you can level up fast in The Outlast Trials.

Complete Trials For The First Time

Completing trials for the very first time grants you the largest sums of XP. If you haven't completed a trial before, completing it should give you plenty of XP to help you level up, so focus on incomplete trials rather than going back to ones you've already done.

Become Reborn

Once you've completed all of the Program X trials, you can become Reborn, which resets your trials and essentially allows you to complete them for the first time, again. This means that becoming Reborn should be your ultimate goal, so you can start the game over and get more XP all over again.

Outlast Trials Reborn Sign
Join the reborn, and level up fast!

Do Well In Trials

Completing trials gives you XP, but you'll get even more XP if you do well. If you've already completed a trial, getting a high grade is absolutely critical since you won't get the first-time XP boost.

Getting a score of A+ is ideal, but any A rank is good for getting a lot of XP. Getting high grades depends on our actions in a trial. To do well in trials, you can focus on:

  • Completing all objectives
  • Using all items you find and using up your rig entirely
  • Getting every poster
  • Avoiding Psychosis and Psychosis Gas

You'll also want to focus on keeping your teammates alive and well. This won't directly give you XP, but without teammates, you'll struggle in most trials.

Leveling up fast in The Outlast Trials requires playing more trials and doing them well; there isn't a clear shortcut to getting a ton of XP. However, focusing on these parts of gameplay - like completing the objectives, using up all your items, and making sure you grab posters - can boost your score, grant you more XP, and help you level up much faster.