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How to claim Outriders' Hell’s Rangers pack in-game

The Hell’s Ranger content pack isn’t so easily accessible in Outriders.
How to claim Outriders' Hell’s Rangers pack in-game

For those that pre-ordered Outriders, the Hell’s Ranger content pack is awaiting for you in Enoch. The pack contains some unique character, truck and weapon skins that should help distinguish you from the player base that bought the game after its initial release. 

However, you don’t automatically get the Hell’s Ranger pack upon the first startup of the game. The developers decided to make it a bit tricky to actually claim the pack. Also, there appears to be a bug for some players who try and attempt to claim the pack in-game. 

While this all might be fixed with a future update, we’re here to tell you where to initially claim the pack in Outriders and also how to workaround that pesky bug when trying to claim it in the first place. 

Claiming the Hell’s Ranger content pack in Outriders

Outrider hells angels how to claim
Hell’s Rangers is the only content pack currently in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

For starters, players are going to need to make it to Rift Town, which is the city where you meet Shira for the first time and rescue Jakub. Once you’re done talking with Shira during the first cutscene in the city, make your way down the first level. This is where the vendors and other side quests can be found. 

Just past the shops and NPCs, there’s a big garage that holds the matchmaking service and other features like the ability to change your appearance. If you played the demo, this is where you meet Jakub to leave the city. 

Once here, find the Stash box, which is located just beyond the table to change your appearance. This is where you can fully claim the Hell’s Rangers content pack and add the items to your inventory. 

However, if you don’t have access to the items but pre-ordered Outriders, then can use the workaround endorsed by the developers. 

According to the devs, backing out to the lobby and then going back in to check your stash again will result in the items being present. This has worked for a majority of players but if it doesn’t work for you, contact the Outriders team through their social media or support centre