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How to play Outriders for free at launch

Here's how Xbox One or Series X/S players can enjoy the full Outriders game for free when it launches on 1st April 2021.
How to play Outriders for free at launch

The upcoming third-person co-op RPG shooter, Outriders, from People Can Fly and Square Enix is out on 1st April 2021 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox systems. While there's a free demo to try, one gaming platform can play the full Outriders game for free starting on launch. We are, of course, talking about Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, so if you own one of these consoles, there's an easy way to play Outriders for free.

How to play Outriders for free

You don't have to spend a dime on the full Outriders game when it launches on 1st April 2021, and no, this isn't some kind of premature April Fool's joke.

Microsoft has announced Outriders will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass on Day 1, so if you are already a subscriber to this awesome service, you can just download and start playing Outriders for free on 1st April 2021.

how to get outriders for free play xbox game pass(Picture: Square Enix)

If you aren't an Xbox Game Pass subscriber but do own an Xbox console and plan to play Outriders, this will definitely be the cheapest way.

Keep in mind Outriders is a 60 USD game on all other platforms, which makes this announcement even more relaxing for your wallet.

Unfortunately, you will still need to fork out 60 USD for the game on PC, PS4 and PS5. Outriders will also be free to play on launch via phones and tablets thanks to xCloud from Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass.

With this big third-party addition to Xbox Game Pass, it is clear Microsoft continues to improve their all-inclusive subscription service, making it by far the best deal in gaming right now.

We will bring you more Outriders content at launch so stay tuned!