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Outriders players are requesting two features for the game’s full release

There are two features that Outriders players want to see implemented by the full release on 1st April 2021
Outriders players are requesting two features for the game’s full release

The Outriders Demo has been out for a few weeks and so far, players are loving exploring the vast world and different systems but they do have some requests for specific features.

From the unique weapons to the few quests in the game, there’s certainly enough to do while waiting for the full launch on 1st April 2021. However, as the game is only a demo, players are giving developer Square Enix some constructive feedback. 

Aside from the obvious requests, like better optimization and bug fixes, one of the biggest asks has revolved around adding two features to Outriders that are staples in other titles like it. 

Two requested features for Outriders launch

The two features in question are a save and pause option in-game. Currently, there’s no manual save option, as the game automatically saves at certain points.

However, players are sometimes confused when the game saved last, as there’s no way to tell through the menu. 

Outriders players requested features square enixOutriders is a full, $60 title coming to Xbox, PC and PlayStation. (Picture: Square Enix)

For the pause option, this is slightly more requested. Since Outriders is a co-operative shooter, Square Enix feels was almost forced to implement a no-pause feature, as one player pausing couldn’t disrupt the other players in the party.

Although, players can play Outriders solo, which calls for a pause feature more so than co-op play. Unfortunately, the same rules apply when a player is in a world by themselves. 

Both the save and pause option have been requested on social media since the Outriders Demo launched in late February. Countless Reddit posts have surfaced in relation to the topic but so far, Square Enix hasn’t responded. 

In our eyes, a save feature likely isn’t coming at launch, as the game does auto-save at key points. However, a pause option for players going at Outriders solo should be something at the top of the developer’s to-do list.

Solo players can’t even go into their inventory or settings without the game continuing in the background, which is a real problem if you need to switch weapons during a fight or change a keybind.