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Outriders: How the Life Leech attribute works

Life Leech is incredibly useful in Outriders but some players don’t understand how it works.
Outriders: How the Life Leech attribute works

The crafting system in Outriders is quite robust and expansive, giving players the opportunity to customize their gear the way they want. However, upon exploring the system, some players come across a certain attribute on weapons and armour, “Life Leech”, and aren’t sure what it does or how it even got on the gear to begin with.

Life Leech is arguably the most popular attribute in Outriders and for good reason. Essentially, it allows players to leech some health off enemies depending on how much damage they do with that particular weapon. If you’re dealing a ton of damage, your health is constantly being replenished thanks to Life Leech. 

Of course, this is only useful information if you know how to acquire the attribute and how to increase its value so you can heal even more when obliterating enemies in Outriders. 

Using Life Leech in Outriders

Life Leech outriders
A weapon with Life Leech equipped. (Picture: Square Enix)

In order to acquire a piece of gear with Life Leech on it, you simply need to find it throughout the game’s loot. There’s currently no way to add an attribute onto an item. The only thing you can add are mods and additional variants to change the item’s stats. 

So once you find a gear piece with Life Leech equipped, it will either say “Weapon Life Leech” or “Skill Life Leech”. The former gives you health in exchange for weapon damage and the latter gives health for skill damage. Both are valuable but the weapon version is slightly better since you can do more damage with a gun. 

Next to the Life Leech attribute will be a percentage. This is how much health you’ll receive back for the amount of damage you do. There are varying percentages based on the rarity of the weapon you pick up. A blue weapon will have around 10% while a purple weapon tends to be slightly higher. 

Outriders life leech guide
Armour can also have Life Leech equipped. (Picture: Square Enix)

You can increase this value, however, through various means. If your specific weapon levels up, then the percentage will also go up. There are also mods, like the Rule of Leeches, that increase the percentage as well as classes that you can spend points on.

In the Trickster tree, the “Life Transfer” classes are abundant and increase the Skill Life Leech attributes by 6%.