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Outriders: How to complete Divine Intervention and kill the Cult Leader

Divine Intervention is a side quest within Outriders that features players killing a cult leader.
Outriders: How to complete Divine Intervention and kill the Cult Leader

At Eagle Peaks in Outriders, there are several quests for players to take on to earn XP. However, one of the most intriguing is Divine Intervention where players can free soldiers from a cult leader. 

Divine Intervention is picked up from Captain Jocelyn Dunham after the completion of the Inferno main quest. The outpost at Eagle Peaks has been decimated by the Insurgents and some have even disappeared in the mountains after hearing voices. It’s the player’s job to discover why and try and bring the soldiers back.

Completing Divine Intervention in Outriders

The quest begins with players viewing the cult leader worshipping the Anomaly in front of his followers. A soldier is tossed into the electrical storm as a sacrifice and then a chase ensues in order to stop the cult leader from killing more. 

divine cult outriders
The cult leader in action. (Picture: Square Enix) 

After clearing out some of the cult followers and dealing with a mini-boss named the “Herald of the Anomaly,” players then get to face the cult leader in his ritual chamber. The cult leader has several attacks and a healing power that can be a real annoyance to deal with. 

The main attacks the cult leader will use are a spinning fire wave and two heat beams that are locked to one position and rotate around their spot. You can interrupt these attacks with one of your abilities as the cult leader is charging his orange bar but he uses them in quick succession, so you won’t be able to interrupt each attack. 

outriders quests
(Picture: Square Enix).

However, as long as you avoid his huge shotgun at close range and interrupt the majority of his attacks, you should be able to deal some nice damage with a rifle or sniper. Going for headshots and using your abilities after the cult leader has released his attacks is the best route for putting him down effectively. 

Once you’ve defeated the leader, travel back to Captain Dunham to claim one of three rewards.

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