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Outriders: Should you sell or dismantle?

Outriders players are faced with a difficult decision when looting gear.
Outriders: Should you sell or dismantle?

One of the top questions that Outriders players have been asking since the game launched is whether they sell or dismantle their gear. 

Often a tricky option in looter-shooter games like Outriders, the decision to sell or dismantle ultimately comes down to what the player wants to do. However, there are some key elements to consider when deciding which route to take. 

Sell or dismantle in Outriders? 

Right off the bat, Outriders tells you the differences between selling and dismantling. Essentially, selling gear will net you scrap, which lets you buy gear from vendors. The vendor’s usually house items that are around your level but are often pricey for what you’re receiving. 

should you sell or dismantle in outridersThe differences between the two options. (Picture: Square Enix)

In turn, dismantling gives the players back materials, like leather, iron and titanium. The resources you earn back depend on the rarity of the dismantled item.

If it’s a white rarity, then you’ll receive scrap. If it’s green or blue, then you could get iron or leather. If it’s purple and above, you have a chance to earn titanium, one of Outriders most valuable resources. 

To answer the question of whether or not you should sell or dismantle, we need to look at what exactly you’re deciding between. If it’s a white rarity item, the general consensus is to sell the item, as the resources you get back aren’t really worth the time to dismantle them. 

However, for green gear and above, you should dismantle it 99% of the time. The only time you shouldn’t dismantle is if the item in question has a mod that you already possess. The way mods work is you acquire new ones by dismantling gear that has that mod. So if you loot an item that has a mod you already own, selling it for more scrap is one way to go.

Outrider sell or dismantleResources like titanium are generally more valuable than scrap. (Picture: Square Enix)

Although, Outriders players have found that resources like iron and titanium are much more needed than scrap. Vendors sell gear that is usually rendered moot by loot that’s found out in the world by killing enemies and finding chests. 

For example, you could buy a 700 rated sniper rifle in Rift Town but then find a 750 rated sniper from a chest in your next quest and the scrap you spent is wasted. Because of this and the need for resources, dismantling is usually a better option than selling in Outriders.