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Outriders: How to find and use Titanium, best farming spots

Titanium is one of Outriders’ most valuable resources but it’s hard to come by.
Outriders: How to find and use Titanium, best farming spots

The number one resource that most Outriders players crave is titanium. A super rare material at any stage of the game, titanium is used to increase gear rarity to Epic, making it ultra-valuable. 

While something like leather or tron is relatively easy to acquire, the same can’t be said for titanium. However, there are a few different ways that players can farm the resource and make it easier to turn their gear into Epic pieces.

Finding Titanium in Outriders

The number one way to increase your chances of finding titanium is to increase your World Tier to anything past “9.” By doing this, you ensure that Elite enemies have a higher chance of dropping the resource when they’re killed and that mining ore veins offer the opportunity to drop titanium instead of iron. 

outriders farm titaniumIncreasing your World Tier is the best way to earn better loot. (Picture: Square Enix).

In regards to Elite enemies, these are any creature or person with a bar above their head and skull icon on the mini-map. Once you’ve increased your World Tier, you can fight them for a higher chance of titanium or even farm them to make sure you will get titanium at some point. 

The best farming spots for titanium revolve around these high-level enemies. Any location with a few Elites and maybe some ore veins around is a great spot to start looking for titanium. You can just keep replaying the mission area over and over until you grab the resource. 

If you’re looking for a specific mission, the Inferno quest and Molten Acari boss is a great one to replay to earn titanium. You can view how to beat the Acari in one of our previous articles to ensure that you beat it handily.

In terms of easier methods, dismantling Epic and Legendary items offers a safe and free way of acquiring titanium. While you won’t be getting too many of these items early on, you will get more the higher your World Tier is. Dismantling enough of them will net you some titanium eventually. 

Finally, the last way to earn titanium is to keep replaying Expeditions in Outriders. These are post-game missions that only become available once you’ve beaten the main story. However, chances are you’re looking for titanium well before this, so the Expeditions aren’t a great option for most players.