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Outriders: How to defeat Splittooth

Splittooth is another instalment in the Hunted quests in Outriders.
Outriders: How to defeat Splittooth

The hunt for Splittooth in Outriders can begin once players reach the Forest Enclave location. This happens after you’ve defeated the Chrysaloid before entering the actual forest. 

As you’re on the search for the old Outriders truck in the murky woods, you’ll stumble across an animal carcass with a yellow exclamation point. This is the starting point for the quest “Hunted - Splittooth.” Accept the quest and then proceed to the quest marker on your map. Simply enter the Splittooth area and you can begin hunting down the mutated perforo. 

Outriders splittoothThe starting point for the quest. (Picture: Square Enix)

Defeating Splittooth in Outriders 

Before fighting the mutated monster, you’ll have to fight a few waves of perforo. This includes hordes of regular perforo and a solid amount of the venomous species and alphas. Don’t take this part too lightly, as they can give you trouble if you’re not prepared for a fight. 

After making it through the smaller perforo, you’ll eventually enter a river area that will immediately greet you with two alpha perforo and then some regular ones. Once these are defeated, the Splittooth will enter from underneath the waterfall. It’s wise to immediately start shooting it, as it won’t attack you for a few seconds. We popped Twisted Rounds on our Trickster build as soon as the Splittooth stomped onto the scene and took away around half its health within 10-15 seconds. 

OUtriders how to defeat splittooth perforoThe Splittooth in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

When fighting the Splittooth, we recommend not even shooting at it until every smaller enemy is dealt with. The regular and venomous perforo are a nuisance but your real problem will be with the dragon-fly enemies that shoot poisonous projectiles. Three will spawn on the map and need to be killed immediately. There’s simply no dodging all three of them, as they deal AoE damage and can take away your health in seconds. 

You need to make sure you’re sprinting then dodging as much as possible while not getting too close to them. Shoot at them when they’re not launching the poison at you and they should eventually go down. However, it might take you a couple of tries to figure out their tendencies. 

Once all of the smaller enemies are killed, you can focus on the Splittooth, who isn’t too challenging. It has two attacks, one that shoots a blue beam at you and another that sends several charges through the ground. Both of these are relatively easy to dodge but for the beam you need to get behind some kind of cover, like a rock. 

Outriders kill splittoothThe scene after defeating the Splittooth. (Picture: Square Enix)

During the breaks between its attacks, shoot at its head and use your skills at the right time. Twisted Rounds is a great option for every class but Devastator. With enough shooting, the Splittooth will go down. Loot its body for some epic gear and then return to Ujio in Trench Town for your reward once the Outriders truck is repaired.