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Outriders: How to defeat Tyrannus for easy farming

Tyrannus is one of the best farming bosses in Outriders.
Outriders: How to defeat Tyrannus for easy farming

If you’re looking for a truly easy farming spot in Outriders, the “Predator to Prey” quest is perfect for you. The quest sees you take on Tyrannus, a mutated mauler that features one incredibly easy safe spot to ensure you don’t get hit en route to farming easy gear. 

To start the quest, you need to have reached the Forest Enclave and begun searching for the old Outriders truck. Eventually, on your way to finding the truck, you’ll find a woman tending to a dead man on a cliffside. She’s marked with a yellow exclamation point, so it’s not difficult to find. 

She’ll give you the Predator to Prey quest and send you on your way to hunt Tyrannus along with a slew of perforo and other Elite enemies. 

Defeating Tyrannus in Outriders 

The beginning of the quest has you defeating waves of different enemies but mostly perforo. There are some crawlers and other creatures thrown into the mix but nothing that should throw you for a loop. 

Outriders tyrannusThe beginning of the quest. (Picture: Square Enix)

After making your way through the hordes of enemies, you’ll eventually start a cutscene that sees Tyrannus come into the area. The area itself features a circular path surrounding a huge tree in the middle. You’re going to want to make sure you’re standing right near this tree once Tyrannus comes down to fight you. 

There’s a safe spot around this tree that Tyrannus doesn’t know how to navigate. Basically, if you stand behind the tree and get the monster to follow you, it will get stuck on the tree and not continue following you or even attack. 

defeating tyrannus in outridersThe safe spot for Tyrannus. (Picture: Square Enix/Reddit)

All you need to do is keep shooting at it, while not moving, and the fight is yours. The best part about this is you can keep doing this quest over and over to farm high-tier gear. As long as you use the safe spot correctly, Tyrannus won’t ever really hit you and you can keep killing it as much as you please. 

After you’ve beaten him for the first time though, return to the woman on the cliff to receive a reward.