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Outriders: How to play on a Mac, iPhone or low-end PC

Outriders releases today and there’s a way for pretty much anyone to play.
Outriders: How to play on a Mac, iPhone or low-end PC

The long-awaited release of Outriders is over, as the game is now out worldwide for any player. 

While there are certain pre-order bonuses out there, players can pick up the game and hop into Enoch right away no matter the date. This is certainly an exciting time for fans and the RPG genre as a whole. However, there’s a crowd of players that might not be able to experience Outriders. 

Whether it’s someone who doesn’t own a modern PC or gaming console, any current AAA title will leave out some players thanks to the high graphical settings needed. While this might have been a problem in the past, there is actually a way for basically any person to play Outriders, no matter their situation.

Outriders: How to play on a Mac, iPhone or low-end PC

Nvidia GeForce Now is a service that lets players enjoy the latest games without needing a gaming system. The way it works is by connecting you to the game’s store and allowing you to stream the game. This, in turn, doesn’t require any high-end system, no matter the game, since you’re using Nvidia’s servers on the cloud to run the title. 

Outriders Geforce now
GeForce Now allows players with any system to play Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

Outriders is a part of this service and only requires the purchase of the game. Of course, because you will be streaming the game you will need a hefty internet connection. However, assuming you at least have a serviceable connection, playing Outriders is as easy as pressing a button. 

This service works with Macbook, iPhone and low-end PCs. For players with any of these products or perhaps an older generation PlayStation 4 or Xbox One that doesn’t run like it used to, this is a tremendous service. 

Players who are interested can visit the GeForce Now page to browse games and purchase Outriders directly.

There’s also a wide variety of free titles for any player who is also curious about exploring additional titles.