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Outriders HUD disappearing: Solution how to fix

No HUD in Outriders? This solution will fix it!
Outriders HUD disappearing: Solution how to fix

It has been a week since the release of Outriders, and unfortunately, some problems are still not being fixed.

Amongst many alarming issues, like the inventory wipe bug, there are many smaller bugs and glitches, that aren't so problematic but are still quite annoying.

One of the strangest bugs players have been encountering during the first week is in regards to the game's HUD, which simply randomly disappears.

outriders HUD missing
(Picture: Square Enix)

And this is, of course, quite problematic, as it means players are being left without crucial details, like the minimap, info for weapon and skills cooldowns,  and even the crosshair.

This rather strange bug is not just annoying but also significantly hinders the gameplay experience, as the game is not really playable without the HUD.

And while People Can Fly are working on fixing all the issues in their new looter-shooter, the new patch might not arrive anytime soon, so players have been hoping for a possible workaround solution.

And thankfully, there is a fix for Outriders no HUD bug!

Outriders no HUD bug: How to fix?

Thankfully, with Patch One these issues should be fixed, which will come sometime next week, but until then, what should you do?

Here's how to bring back your Outriders interface:

  • Press Escape 
  • Select "Options", and then "HUD" 
  • All HUD options are "On" by default, but you should turn them to "Off"
  • Go back to the game, and then return to the same HUD menu, and turn to "On" everything you've previously switched to "Off".
  • Press the Escape button and click "Return to Lobby".
  • Now jump back to the game and your HUD should be there.

This should fix all the HUD issues that you have, and if it happens again, just repeat the process. Sometimes just returning to the lobby and then back to the game is enough, but the most proven process is the one we've described.

So there you have it, a workaround on how to fix your HUD in Outriders. Hopefully, you will need to do this for just a few more days, until the patch arrives.