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News > Third-Person Shooter > Outriders

Outriders bug apparently wipes away players’ entire inventory

A new bug is ravaging its way through Outriders.

As players get more hands-on time with Square Enix's Outriders the more game-breaking bugs are emerging.

At first, it was simple bugs like not being able to progress in quests, such as No Place Like Home. However, the bugs have since evolved and are now ruining players’ progress in the game. According to multiple Reddit users and other posts on social media, some players are experiencing an entire wipe of their inventory. 

This includes every piece of gear collected and worn by the player. The bug seemingly comes following a game crash; when players load the game back up, their gear is wiped and they need to start back from square one. 

Developing studio People Can Fly haven’t identified a fix for the bug as of the time of writing. Although, players have stated that it likely has something to do with playing with friends or trying to join another player’s lobby. 

Outrider bug
The matchmaking system in Outriders isn’t working as intended. (Picture: Square Enix)

Reddit user a_jacks_28 stated that they lost their gear when “playing with friends and I got kicked with a connection error. I logged back in, and my inventory is completely gone, even things I had equipped.” 

Also on Reddit, one user put together a collage of screenshots showcasing the bug’s final form, being players’ wiped inventory. 

Obviously, this is a serious situation that the developers need to deal with quickly. The functionality of the crossplay and matchmaking system in Outriders has had a shaky start but if it’s the cause of this bug, then it might need to be shut down altogether for the time being. 

We’ll be sure to update you with any additional information on this bug, including if the developers find a workaround or offer any kind of compensation to players who lost their gear.