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Outriders launch day build: What's new and different compared to Demo?

Outriders release build is significantly different from its demo version, but which things have changed and what's new? Read further to find out!
Outriders launch day build: What's new and different compared to Demo?

Outriders demo has been available for more than a month for players to test the game and check if that's something they will enjoy before they decide to buy it.

Asides from being useful to players, it has been quite useful for developers at People Can Fly as well, as it helped them to see what's working and what isn't, to catch various bugs, to balance classes and items, and to test various things before the game releases.

The launch week is finally here, so let's check out what has changed between the latest demo build and the launch day build of Outriders.

Outriders launch day build changes

Outriders launch version patch notes
(Picture: Square Enix)

Bug fixes and balance changes

First of all, People Can Fly have been working hard on fixing bugs and glitches, in order to exterminate them as much as possible before the launch, especially those related to weapons and mods.

If you've experienced that some of your weapons and mods weren't functioning properly in the demo, that should now be fixed.

Of course, there will be a plethora of balance changes as well, across all classes, various items, mods, enemy stats and loot drops.

"Balancing is an ongoing process and we have learnt much from internal playtests, the Insiders preview and the demo over the previous months," devs explain. "However, we’re sure that we will continue to learn more from the launch of the main game and the feedback provided by you, our community. So, keep it coming!"


Outriders launch version patch notes
(Picture: Square Enix)

If you want to play with friends who are playing on different platforms, we have great news for you! Crossplay is out of Beta and will be on by default.

If you were playing on PC, you will now be able to add cross-platform players to your friend list in-game.

Keep in mind that if you turn off crossplay, you will not be able to matchmake with people who still have it turned on, even if you are all on the same platform, but you will be able to play with them if they invite you directly.


Outriders launch version patch notes
(Picture: Square Enix)

In terms of gameplay changes, developers say that the Cover and Travel Voting system have now been improved, but they are yet to specify what are those improvements.

A "Quick Mark" functionality has been added to the inventory, which will allow you to quickly select all items of the same rarity.

If you wanted to know cooldowns for Mods, now you will, the cooldowns have been added to descriptions!

Asides from these changes, players will now have full access to the crafting system, character levels, all World Tiers, full story, all items, and much more.

Day 1 Patch

Outriders Day 1 patch
(Picture: Square Enix)

When the game launches, Day 1 Patch will come with it as well, which will include additional improvements and fixes.

Here's what's coming with Day 1 Patch:

  • Many bug fixes and improvements, with a particular focus on the latter sections of the game.
  • Performance improvements for pacing/stuttering that was observed during the demo
  • Camera Smoothing improvements for cutscenes and dialogues. This should reduce the camera shake that some players are struggling with
  • Cutscenes/dialogues frame rate improvements
    • PC cutscenes will have the option to choose from 30, 60, 90 and 120fps

These are all just highlights of what can we expect with the launch version, and a full list of changes, fixes, and improvements is expected to come along with the game's release, and we will add full patch notes once they become available.