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Outriders: The best Skills to use for the Trickster Path

Trickster is one of the most popular Outriders Paths and there are three top Skills to use for it.
Outriders: The best Skills to use for the Trickster Path

Currently, in the Outriders demo, there are four Paths players can choose, those being Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster and Devastator. 

While all four have merit in some capacity, the general consensus is that Trickster offers the most bang for the buck. The stealthy and DPS-centric Skills are what really attract players to the Path. 

As Trickster is so popular, players continually wonder what Skills they should be equipping for the Path in Outriders. Today, we’ll offer our choices for the three best skills to choose for Tricksters. 

Picking the best Trickster Skills in Outriders

Outrider trickster best skills
Trickster is one of four Paths in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

In the demo of Outriders, there are four Skills available to players in the Trickster Path. However, in the full game, this will seemingly be doubled according to the in-game Skills menu. This article will go over the best Skills to use in the current build of Outriders. 

However, once the full release launches on 1st April, we’ll update this article to reflect the four additional Skills available to Tricksters. It’s likely that the consensus “best” Skills will change once the four new ones enter the fray. 

For now though, here are the top three Skills Tricksters have access to in Outriders. 

  • Temporal Blade: The first Skill Tricksters unlock. It slows enemies and deals a solid amount of damage to multiple enemies as long as they’re close enough.
  • Hunt the Prey: Offers the ability to teleport across a given area and land right behind a targeted enemy. Perfect for dealing uncontested damage with a shotgun or SMG.
  • Twisted Rounds: Turns your bullets into Anomaly-powered bullets, which are high-powered and deal a ton of damage. Pairing this with Hunt the Prey is a fantastic strategy. 

Trickster path skills
The Skill tree for the Trickster Path. (Picture: Square Enix)

While the merits of Slow Trap are warranted, it’s simply not as useful as the other three Skills. If you wish to use Slow Trap though, we recommend eliminating Hunt the Prey from your slots, as Slow Trap pairs greatly with the damage-dealing abilities of Temporal Blade and Twisted Rounds. All you need to do is throw the trap down, slice enemies with your blade and then finish them off with your high-powered bullets.