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Outriders releases patch to fix the inventory wipe bug

The infamous bug in Outriders is now supposedly being fully patched.
Outriders releases patch to fix the inventory wipe bug

Over two weeks after Outriders’ release and the most infamous bug in the game is finally being patched. 

Shortly after the game launched, many players experienced their inventories being fully wiped. All of their gear they unlocked through grinding and looting was gone in an instant, resulting in some pretty unhappy players. However, the developers immediately acknowledged the bug and announced they were working to resolve the issue. 

The “inventory wipe” bug was at the top of the developers’ priorities and today their hard work was realized as a new patch was released to hopefully fix the bug. Although, this won’t bring back players’ inventory items, as that’s a separate problem and the developers are working to deliver those items back to their rightful owners. 

In a Reddit post, the developers stated that “our efforts to restore your items are a separate process from today’s released patch.” There’s currently no timetable for when this process could be complete. However, the delivery process of that specific patch won’t require any downloaded update, as it can be done through the backend of the servers. 

For now, the only thing being patched is the actual bug itself so future players don’t encounter this issue as well. This patch was released on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation earlier today, so make sure to check for any updates on the platform of your choice. 

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The developers warned about potential technical difficulties some players might experience once the patch has been downloaded, however. Multiplayer connectivity might be temporarily affected and some players might experience their inventory items disappearing for brief moments. These are “known behaviours” though, and are a part of the developers safeguarding measures.

If you encounter this problem, wait a few minutes and then restart the Outriders application. If this doesn’t fix the problem or continue to lose inventory items completely, then it’s recommended to report the issue to the Edge Case sub-thread on Reddit. You can also follow some steps to recover any lost items, though only legendary and epic gear will be restored.