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Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List (2023): Best Heroes Ranked

Overwatch 2 is still in its early days, but we have some heroes sprinting ahead of the pack while others struggle to catch up.
Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List (2023): Best Heroes Ranked

Overwatch 2 has only been out for a few days, but players have started to get a feel for the game and which heroes are the strongest and weakest. At the varying ranks, players will have numerous interactions with different heroes, especially with some having a higher skill ceiling than others.

After consulting with various tier lists and different players’ opinions, we have assembled a hero tier list for you. All hero positions are subject to change and are up to interpretation based on each player.

Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List

Below you'll find the reasoning behind each tier and the heroes placed within. Make sure to read through to learn what sets them all apart.


Heroes in this tier have very little to no counterplay in Overwatch 2 and can fit into almost every composition type. 

Genji's fresh look in Overwatch 2 sits atop our tier list.
Genji's fresh look in Overwatch 2 sits atop our tier list. (Picture: Blizzard)


Perhaps the strongest hero in Overwatch 2. Since there is a lack of crowd control and shields in Overwatch 2, little stands in Genji’s path. His neutral game is already strong, and his dragon blade is one of the strongest right now, especially with how important eliminations are for team fights.


The newest damage hero in Overwatch 2. High mobility, high damage, and an impactful ultimate can turn team fights on a dime. Sojourn’s charged-up railgun shot can take an enemy off the battlefield with relative ease. Overlock ensures you have multiple full-charged shots, which allows you to get multiple picks in quick succession.


The only non-damage hero in this s-tier is Ana. Ana’s utility in Overwatch 2 is by far the strongest for any support hero. Her anti-nade can turn a fight in your favor, especially with the lack of shields. Sleep dart is the longest crowd control ability in terms of duration in Overwatch 2 and allows for many punishing plays. Nano is strong in a variety of ways, between combos with other ultimates or enabling tanks to take space.


These heroes can fit into the majority, but not all compositions, or, they have one defined composition that is strong at the moment.

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2 stakes her claim near the top of our tier list.
Junker Queen in Overwatch 2 stakes her claim near the top of our tier list. (Picture: Blizzard)

Tank Heroes in A-Tier

Winston, Zarya, and Junker Queen fall into this category. All three tanks have a strong meta-comp around them and have few heroes that can counter them. Nano on all three of these tanks is strong as well.

Winston is a strong neutral tank being able to take space and deny other heroes through his presence. Primal rage offers a lot of value in terms of displacement.

Zarya is a strong tank carry able to enable her teammates in a big way. The current S-tier heroes of Genji and Sojourn benefit well from her bubbles and she can cleanse Ana’s anti-nade. 

Junker Queen has had a fall from fame with her most recent nerfs but still has a strong place in Overwatch 2. She has few that can contend with and should she be playing around with her cooldowns and her bleed she becomes an unstoppable force.

Damage Heroes in A-Tier

Ashe, Tracer, Sombra, and Widowmaker are all strong picks in Overwatch. However, their biggest downside is more to do with the heroes stronger than them. Genji does what Tracer and Sombra want to do, but better and the same can be said with Sojourn compared to Ashe and Widowmaker. Both are strong at what they do but Sojourn provides more overall value. 

Support Heroes in A-Tier

Kiriko and Baptiste can do a lot in Overwatch 2. Kiriko more so providing help to her flankers and disabling the enemy’s aggression while Baptiste is stronger at enabling clumped-up compositions. Both heroes have a high damage output for being supports which for Overwatch 2 is even more important. 


Heroes in this tier are a bit more situational than those placed above but still retain good value in compositions they fit into. 

Lucio has a new look in Overwatch 2.
Lucio has a new look in Overwatch 2. (Picture: Blizzard)

Doomfist and Sigma are strong tanks but have more of a niche strength needing specific maps and enemy compositions to play against. The same can be said for heroes like Torbjorn who acts as a flanker counter.

Soldier, Hanzo, Echo, and Cassidy are less situational picks here but are outvalued by the damage heroes above them on this list.

Zenyatta has high carry potential, while Brigitte and Lucio provide high value for their team composition.


These heroes are very situational and need a specific composition or map type to be stronger, often getting outvalued by other heroes.

Fan favorite, Reinhardt falls lower than expected in our Overwatch 2 tier list.
Fan favorite, Reinhardt falls lower than expected in our Overwatch 2 tier list. (Picture: Blizzard)

While Doomfist and Sigma are niche picks, the tanks on this list find themselves in a strange spot in Overwatch 2. Reinhardt, Orisa, Wrecking Ball, Roadhog, and D.Va can all do their job as a tank in Overwatch 2 but inherently lack the consistency that the tanks above them maintain.

The Damage heroes in this tier have a lot of niche uses but are extremely map and composition specific. You can still gain value out of Mei, Pharah, Reaper, Bastion, and Junkrat but you need to build around them

Finally, Mercy is the only support in this tier. While she is not inherently weak, Mercy struggles to find her footing in Overwatch 2. Resurrection is still a strong ability and will turn team fights in your favor.

Best heroes tier list for Overwatch 2
Best heroes tier list for Overwatch 2. (Picture: Blizzard/TierMaker)


By far the worst heroes in current Overwatch 2, they lack any real comp they fit into and struggle against other heroes on this tier list.

Moira is the only hero to feature in this tier. While her healing can be strong, and many will complain about her damage nature, it becomes difficult to maintain the value of having Moira. There is a reason why the developers are still looking to rework Moira in Overwatch 2. 

The tier list is complete, so let us know your thoughts on where you think heroes should be placed in Overwatch 2!