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Boston Uprising star Mouffin accused of sexual misconduct

The off-tank specialist that recently debuted in the Overwatch League has allegedly been involved in predatory behaviour with underage women.
Boston Uprising star Mouffin accused of sexual misconduct

Response from Boston Uprising:

Boston confirmed that Mouffin will be absent from their match against Toronto via social media with no further comment in regards to his future within the team.



Original story:

Boston Uprising's problems are developing beyond what happens in-game, with multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against one of their new players, Walid "Mouffin" Bassal.

In a lengthy and detailed Twitter post, Twitch streamer KhaleesiBB recalled her involvement with Mouffin, shedding light on the flex-tanks alleged predatory behaviour.


Khaleesi mentions a trip to TwitchCon, in which the Boston player acted out after a failed attempt at starting a relationship with her.

"He's drunk messaging me telling me how much he loves me, how much he wants to date me", she said, adding that "during the trip he was being aggressive with other girls at the AirBnB, being creepy, touching them and grabbing their wrists so hard he left bruises on them."

It gets worse, as it's revealed that that the main reason Khaleesi rejected the possibility of committing to a relationship with Mouffin, was him actively seeking out other women, sending suggestive content via social media - with underage girls being subject of his courting and subsequent blackmail.

"Mouffin had a penchant for underage girls and overall extremely predatory behaviour towards women. A lof of these underage girls are not coming forward, he has bullied them into deleting evidence, he's offered them compensations/gifts, etc."

The post also includes several images that serve as evidence and has prompted responses from many others that have backed up Khaleesi, telling their own encounters with Mouffin.

Khaleesi Boston Uprising Mouffin
A screenshot of a conversation between Mouffin and Khaleesi (Credit: KhaleesiBB)


Starhabit, described as Khaleesi's best friend, supported the allegations recalling how Mouffin's behaviour during TwitchCon left her "completely unsafe".



"I went to sleep pretty early, leaving the room unlocked since I had roommates. I wake up to drunk Mouffin in my room. Someone had willingly let him into my room. He’s at the edge of my bed and he’s upset and talking about if he was good enough for Kelsey and if he did something wrong. He kept getting closer to my face, completely invading my space and with all that happened the other night when he was drunk, I got extremely scared. I asked him to leave my room, but he kept getting closer. He wasn’t listening and at that point, I had to yell “PLEASE GET OUT OF MY ROOM, I’m trying to SLEEP.”

Khaleesi then added further information taken from Mouffin's private Twitter account, slandering both her and Starhabit



This isn't the first time a Boston Uprising player has been involved in predatory behaviour.

In April of 2018, during OWL Season 1, Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez, a prominent damage dealer that was touted as the next big western Overwatch superstar, saw his rise to stardom cut short when allegations about him soliciting nude photos from underage girls turned out to be true.

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He was cut from the team and banned from playing Overwatch professionally. He can still be seen on ladder games using alt accounts and is rumoured to be an account booster, a very profitable but bannable offence in the Overwatch scene.

These severe allegations put a massive dent on Uprising’s preparations for their return to OWL as they are set to play Toronto Defiant this Saturday at 8 pm GMT. With Mouffin being a regular starter for them in previous matches, it’s unclear if he’ll see playtime. 

Neither Boston or Mouffin have made a statement regarding these accusations.