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Higan addresses his exclusion from the Vancouver Titans: "I don't blame anyone"

The flex tank got left out after the Vancouver Titans picked up his Second Wind teammates as their new core roster.
Higan addresses his exclusion from the Vancouver Titans: "I don't blame anyone"
From watching their previous roster implode to seeing the new one start their Overwatch League career with (an understandable) 0-2 record over the weekend, it's been a hard week for Vancouver Titans fans.

Despite losing both matches against Washington Justice and Florida Mayhem in 3-0 fashion, there were signs of brilliance, all thanks to having most of the new members come from Tier 2 team Second Wind, taking advantage of that preexisting coordination to not look completely lost after putting together a roster with less than a week notice.

One of the few players that got prevented from making the switch to the big league was Colin "Higan" Arai. We detailed his questionable past as a pro player, something OWL clearly didn't want to deal with, and now, the former GOATs member finally broke his silence regarding his situation.



"I don’t blame anyone for posting my mistakes from 2 years ago. Whether I like it or not, they are part of my past, and I need to accept that no matter what I do, some people will never forgive me for things I said," Higan stated in a post shared on social media.

The flex tank, who has a past filled with instances of toxic behaviour, mentioned how his break from Overwatch was "to improve upon myself and my mentality. I spent that time growing up, and when I came back, I started playing competitively again."

From a competitive standpoint, he felt disappointed and powerless watching his former squad debut to negative results in the Overwatch League.

"I can’t help but feel I’ve let them down. Maybe if I didn’t have the history that I do, I could be on that team right now helping them win, and I have no one to blame for that other than myself."


Higan Vancouver Titans apologies says sorry
KSAA was signed instead of Higan for the Titans (Picture: Overwatch League) 


Finally, Higan stress that he doesn't hold any grudges, on the contrary, he admits he'll continue to work hard to change the perspective people in the Overwatch community have of him.

“Maybe one day, people will see that I’ve grown past the person I was two years ago. I’m human, and I’ve made mistakes. I’m not asking for anyone’s forgiveness, I’ll earn it.”

The D.Va specialist will be back on Second Wind for Week 4 of Contenders which is set to be played between May 21-24. You can watch all the action at the official YouTube Overwatch Contenders channel.