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Jeff Kaplan confirms 2CP won't be a part of Overwatch 2

One of the most hated modes in competitive Overwatch will not be a part of the chore experience for the sequel, the game director confirmed.
Jeff Kaplan confirms 2CP won't be a part of Overwatch 2

Despite the notorious lack of Overwatch during BlizzConline's opening ceremony, the Behind the Scenes stream that followed showcased plenty of news worth getting excited for in regards to Overwatch 2, including the removal of one of the game's most hated modes -- Assault, commonly known as 2CP.

During the stream, game director Jeff Kaplan teased at the possible removal of 2CP from competitive, and in a follow-up comment made in the official Overwatch Creator Discord according to industry insider Rod "Slasher" Breslau, he confirmed the fate of Assault is no longer tied to ranked play.

overwatch 2 no assault
(Image: Slasher)

"2CP maps will still be available 'somewhere' in Overwatch 2," Kaplan said, confirming that in the development of new maps, two of which were shown during the Behind the Scenes footage, Assault is not considered as part of the core competitive experience.

Ever since it launched back in 2016, Overwatch's Assault mode was heavily criticized for being the most frustrating in the entire game. With 2CP focusing on teams capturing and defending two different points in the map, fans complained that it always felt skewed in favour of one team and matches were often too long.

While it's sad we won't be seeing beautifully designed maps like Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, or Volskaya Industries, we can all agree that the competitive map pool is better off without Assault as a whole.