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Overwatch confirms Halloween event set to start 13th October featuring new skins for Echo, D.Va & more

One of the most anticipated events in Overwatch is just a few days away, running until 3rd November.

Spooky times are ahead once again in Overwatch, as the Halloween Terror event that's been around since 2016 will make its way back to the game this upcoming 13th of October, lasting until the 3rd of November. 



On top of bringing new decorations to maps like Hollywood and the return of seasonal events like Junkenstein's Revenge, the real star of the show are the new cosmetics players will be able to earn, particularly the skins.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 Skins

While we don't have confirmation in terms of how many new skins will come with 2020's Halloween Terror, the little teaser gave us a glimpse at a couple of new skins for multiple heroes.

Again, no official confirmation so far, but by the looks of it, these are all Legendary skins (with the exception of Sombra and Brigitte, which look like Epic skins), meaning you'll need 3,000 Gold to acquire them.

D.Va Halloween skin

D.Va halloween

Sigma Halloween skin

sigma halloween skin

Echo, Brigitte, and Sombra Halloween skins


We'll update you on official cost and the rest of the cosmetics of Halloween Terror once the event goes live.

For more on Overwatch, check out how to get a free copy of the game thanks to the Overwatch League.

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