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News > FPS > Overwatch

Get your hands on Overwatch for free thanks to the Overwatch League

The Overwatch League Vice President revealed plans for a League-wide promotion that will give fans free copies of the game and OWL Tokens.

On 30th September, fans rushed to the Boston Uprising's website, as renowned deal-hunter Wario64 shared on his Twitter that the Overwatch League team was offering free copies of the game, with codes running out in less than five minutes.

overwatch for free
(Photo: Blizzard Entertainment)

Now, we have confirmation that this isn't a one-off, as OWL Vice President, Jon Spector, confirmed via social media that franchises will be giving out away Overwatch codes for free, as well as OWL Tokens, which can be used to buy League skins, or the newly released All-Stars skins for D.Va and Reinhardt

"We’re working with @PlayOverwatch and all of our franchises at the league to give away PC copies of the game and League Tokens to fans in limited quantities and for a limited time. Teams will be going live with their promotions soon, make sure to follow them for more details!" the VP tweeted out.

By all indications, it seems the Boston Uprising may have ruined the surprise, as the OWL Twitter account has been teasing a big announcement for the past few days.

Naturally, there is no date set as of right now, but down below is the complete list of all Overwatch League teams' Twitter handles for you to keep an eye out:

Overwatch League Twitter handles