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Overwatch June 24 update: Hitscan nerfs, D.Va nerf, Bastion buff, and more

Blizzard is teasing fans with an Experimental Mode update that severely nerfs hitscan heroes across the board.
Overwatch June 24 update: Hitscan nerfs, D.Va nerf, Bastion buff, and more
Overwatch 2 is bringing massive changes to Blizzard's hero shooter, and while the sequel seems years away, the dev team is laying the groundwork for balancing the game around a 5v5 model rather than the current 6v6.

As a result, the Experimental Mode, Blizzard's little playground open for PC and console users in which the devs try out wackier changes that sometimes are not intended to make it to live servers, is now hosting a massive batch of hitscan changes.

The biggest one includes hitscan damage decreasing to 30% at maximum falloff damage range, down from 50% or half the total damage. This will affect almost every hitscan heroe with some exceptions like Tracer and Sombra.

That's not all this experimental patch offers, let's take a look at the full breakdown down below.

Overwatch Experimental Mode 24th June - patch notes

overwatch hitscan nerfs
(Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)


  • Hitscan damage now scales to 30% at maximum falloff range, down from 50% for the following heroes:
    • Ashe
    • Baptiste
    • Bastion
    • McCree
    • Soldier: 76
    • Widowmaker
    • Wrecking Ball


Configuration: Recon

  • Weapon spread reduced from 1.5 to 1.2


Call Mech

  • Damage area reduced from 3 to 2.5 meters
  • No longer builds ultimate charge while using Self Destruct until after her mech detonates

Soldier: 76

Heavy Pulse Rifle

  • Damage falloff is disabled while Tactical Visor is active


Widow’s Kiss

  • Damage falloff range increased from 60-85 to 70-100 meters

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