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News > FPS > Overwatch

Overwatch League 2021 Game Dated Moments: Cost, release date, and more

Overwatch League fans can collect iconic moments from the 2021 Season.

Collecting trading cards is a hobby tied to traditional sports that is slowly making its way into esports, with Overwatch League presenting an assortment of collectibles over the years.

For the 2021 Season, the League has partnered once again with trading card company Upper Deck to bring fans the Overwatch League Game Date Moments, which commemorate iconic plays from the OWL's fourth season.

On top of this, as an added incentive for card collectors, Upper Deck has rewards for buying several packs, including special edition autographed cards.

OWL 2021 Game Date Moments - How it works

overwatch upper deck pack
(Picture: Upper Deck)

Every Friday starting on 30th April at 9:00am PT/7:00pm GMT Upper Deck will showcase two new Game Dated Moments packs, each including a card to celebrate a play that occurred during the previous two weeks of play.

The first highlighted GDMs are the following:

  • GDM #1: JJANGGU Hits Massive Earth Shatter to Secure Victory for Outlaws
  • Outlaws Happy Picks Three Players with Perfectly Placed Arrows

These cards will stop being available this upcoming 7th May at 8:59am PT/6:59pm GMT. We'll update the list of GDM as the season progresses.

OWL 2021 Game Date Moments - Cost and where to buy

Each GDM pack will cost $5.99 each, with collectors being able to buy as many copies of a card as they choose to. You can do so over at the Upper Deck e-Pack website.

Read more:

There will only be a total of 199 packs

OWL 2021 Game Date Moments - Rewards

As mentioned previously, collectors that manage to get a set number of GDMs will have access to more unique rewards:

League Standout Autograph Achievement Cards

There will be a total of these unique cards, with collectors required to redeem a complete set of 10 cards to access them:

  • GDM 1-10: League Standout #1
  • GDM 11-20: League Standout #2
  • GDM 21-30: League Standout #3
  • GDM 31-40: League Standout #4

Grand Finals Standout Autograph Achievement Card

Once playoffs roll around, those that acquire all GDM Playoff and Grand Finals weekly moments will get this card for free.

2021 Season Achievement 10-Player Autograph Card

OWL 2021 Upper deck
(Picture: Upper Deck)

Once playoffs roll around, those that acquire all GDM Playoff and Grand Finals weekly moments will get a 5"x7" card and will feature 10 player autographs from either NA or APAC.