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News > FPS > Overwatch

Overwatch League cancels all remaining Homestands for 2020

The League confirmed they'll be moving completely to an online-only format, confirming the next set of matches in the process.

2020 was set to be a big year for Overwatch League with all teams hitting the road across North America, Europe, and Asia. Sadly, after just seven weeks of travel, the highly ambitious plan will have to wait until 2021, after the League confirmed all remaining Homestands will be cancelled.



Only a handful of cities were lucky enough to host an OWL event this year - Dallas, Houston, New York, Washington, and Philadelphia - before the League's hiatus at the beginning of March following the cancellation of the Asian events in February.

On top of the cancellation of all live events, OWL also confirmed the schedule for Weeks 9 and 10. Previously, Blizzard released a calendar with matches arranged until Week 12, however, several teams decided to relocate or were unwilling to play, prompting more changes, leading to a new approach in terms of scheduling.

The announced matches are as follows:

Overwatch cancels remaining homestands for 2020(Credit: Overwatch League)


For Week 9, the analyst desk decided to pick the hero bans in a very strange fashion, with Mei, McCree, Wrecking Ball, and Brigitte all being ruled out of the hero pool.