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Overwatch League writer fired over crazy San Francisco Shock Twitter rant

The Game Haus announced Jezi Belle would no longer be a part of their staff following writer's bizarre Twitter rant.
Overwatch League writer fired over crazy San Francisco Shock Twitter rant

Overwatch League's San Francisco Shock is notorious for never underestimating their opponents. It's that mentality that led them to a golden stage in Season 2 leading to victory in the Grand Finals against the Vancouver Titans.

However, In recent weeks it seemed Shock's desire to constantly assert dominance was fading away with the decision to field main tank Matthew "Super" DeLisi as a DPS player, in the Genji role, a hero touted as one of the most mechanically demanding in Overwatch. Of course, this was not the case.

With Super in the lineup, San Francisco swept Boston Uprising, one of the worst teams in OWL, with fans and analysts alike setting their minds on this disparity in quality as the reason Shock could afford to even pull this off. Yet, SF continued playing the 20-year-old in an off-role for a few more matches, even after signing Genji specialist Ta1yo.

The Houston Outlaws, a solid middle of the pack roster, was the latest victim of the so-called "Super Genji," with one particular fan taking issue with what she described as a "disrespectful" decision by Shock's coaching staff after seeing them field their B-roster and still walk away with the win.

Jezi Belle, an Overwatch writer for The Game Haus Esports, took to Twitter to express her disgust at the lack of sportsmanship from the current number one seed in the North American region, after seeing Super fill the role of DPS once again.


In a long Twitter rant, Jezzi started by pointing the blame at Shock's Head Coach, Crusty, claiming that she's known "for a long time that no amount of professionalism or respect is more important than f**cking memes in this fu**cking scene, but I genuinely thought you guys above this sh*t."

Community backlash soon followed, with Super himself stating disappointment at how the community, starting with OWL analysts and casters down to the fans, continue to see his Genji pick as nothing more than a form of bad mannerism.

"I understand why, but the fact that my Genji has been memed up to the point where people believe super genji=trolling is very unfortunate, especially when I grind it in ranked and play scrims all week with it but what can you do. Ggs Outlaws."

The Game Haus Esports eventually confirmed, after an investigation, they were severing ties with Jezi Belle, who was working as an "Outlaws beat writer" for them.

"We have severed ties and are reaching out to the San Francisco Shock to apologize as well as communicating internally with our contributors. We aim to continue to uphold quality community values within TGH."

While people wrap their minds around Super Genji's being an actual strategy, San Francisco Shock is waiting for an opponent as the first seed of the Countdown Cup which is set to start 9th August.