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Overwatch streamer Regalia confirms allegations of soliciting photos from underage girl

The streamer took to social media to openly admit the story of Twitter user Sezi regarding his advances on a minor while being over 18 was true.
Overwatch streamer Regalia confirms allegations of soliciting photos from underage girl

For the past few months, multiple cases of sexual misbehaviour have come to light within the streaming and esports communities, and the Overwatch scene has been no exception.

Regalia, a recognisable figure in the Overwatch community with a decent sized Twitch following, has come forward confirming that the allegations against him claiming he solicited nude photographs from an underage girl while he himself was 19.

Hours before the victim made the accusations public on 9th August, Regalia himself took to Twitch to advise his followers to not blindly support him and to show compassion towards the accuser.

"Later tonight, there is going to be a twitlonger that comes out about me, so I want you guys to, before anything, ask you, please don't mindlesly f**cking defend me for sh*t that I did. If anything, please defend the victim."

He would proceed to explain his involvment in a case of sexual misconduct involving a minor when he was over 18-years-old.

"About a year ago, before I started streaming, I was 19 at the time, and was talking to someone younger than me. 17-years-old, and I was 19, and we did talk in a certain way. In all honesty I don't really have an excuse for that, and I never will. That sh*t's disgusting."

When Twitter user Sezi publised the Twitlonger, she detailed the events that transpired between the two of them, mentioning how Regali took advange of her being intoxicated to ask for nude pictures.

"He was fully aware I was intoxicated and sad (from ending a relationship). He began telling me to send him pictures. I said something along the lines of 'I don't know.' He continued asking. I was confused and I don't even fully remember them being sent but they were. I woke up the next morning feeling sick with what had happened. We didn't really address it for awhile because I didn't want to accept the fact that someone I trusted and cared about would take advantage of me in that state."

At the time of writing, Twitch has yet to issue a ban on Regalia's channel.