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Philadelphia Fusion's Chipsa calls for a ban on former pro Sleepy for throwing ranked games

The British player was frustrated at the ex Washington Justice's behaviour while streaming.
Philadelphia Fusion's Chipsa calls for a ban on former pro Sleepy for throwing ranked games

In competitive multiplayer games, throwing games is a strong cause for issuing bans to players that infringe the rules of conduct set in place. In Overwatch, it seems a select few are immune to this, with  Philip "Chipsa" Graham putting Nikola "sleepy" Andrews on blast.


(Picture: Chipsa/sleepy)


During his June 4th stream, the Philadelphia Fusion player reviewed Sleepy's content. On a clip he showed, the former Washington Justice support wastes time during a match by hitting a small bucket while filling the role of a healer, causing two teammates to die in the process.



"This is just cringe," Chipsa started. "This is literally ban-worthy, what he's just done should be ban-worthy." The British DPS continued by explaining that the context of the clip aggravates the situation, as Sleepy's team was on a second-round defense of Anubis point A.

"This is such an important team fight as well. It's overtime on a second-round, it's not like it's a f*cking who gives a sh*t. They probably lost the game off this."

Chipsa's rant was followed with an example of how rules apply to some, but rarely to streamers (unless extreme cases like Dafran pop up), with the culture of "throwing for content" heavily skewing things in their favour.

"Why is it that when some random guy does sh*t like this, they get flamed and they get reported, but when a streamer does it, it's fine. Why?"

Other prominent community members also voiced the double standards when it comes to dealing with things like throwing and inting. Twitch streamer Redshell took to Twitter to express his discomfort.



"Throwing for content? If Redshell: 'Bro f*ck that guy he ints on Lucio'. 'I love Sleepy and how he hard throws every game'."

Sleepy addressed the situation with a post asking for less negativity to be spread around the Overwatch community in these times of hardships with protests against police brutality happening amid a worldwide pandemic.



“Amazes me that people will use their platforms to spread hate plus negativity to others ESPECIALLY in times like this when all people see everyday is how disgusting and cruel the world can be. do something positive with the power you have, stop tearing other people down.”

Chipsa didn't stay quiet and promptly criticised this take on his June 5th stream, calling it a "zero IQ" one. "I'm allowed to have my own f*cking opinion, I'm not witch-hunting against you, I think what you're doing is selfish."



The reason he takes issue with Sleepy's attitude is that he wants to improve the experience for people in ranked. "My purpose in my Overwatch career right now is to try and make solo queue a healthy place to learn and improve in the game. Right now it just isn't that, is a dogsh*t place to learn."

It is widely agreed upon that the North American ladder in Overwatch is not a place to properly practice at a high level. The general manager and coach of the Los Angeles Gladiators, David "Dpei" Pei, mentioned this back in April while praising the level of the Asian OWL teams.



“I think not only are the teams really good from an individual talent and work ethic standpoint, but the quality of Korean solo queue makes it infinitely better at improving individually too.”

Blizzard has yet to issue a response regarding this current situation.