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DrDisrespect calls out big publishers for racist livestream chat during large events

Famous Twitch.tv streamer DrDisrespect slams Sony and Microsoft for racist livestream chat during their big events.
DrDisrespect calls out big publishers for racist livestream chat during large events

Herschel "DrDisrespect" Beahm IV doesn't shy away from a fight, and the famous Twitch streamer definitely sticks to his guns. In a recent Twitch stream, DrDisrespect called out big publishers for not moderating toxic, racist Twitch chat during live events. 

While it can be difficult to moderate massive live events, DrDisrespect feels the big publishers, including Sony and Microsoft, should find a way or turn off chat.


DrDisrespect on racist Twitch chat

Speaking about racial injustice in a recent stream, DrDisrespect came to the topic of large livestream events. These events, he explained, doesn't have chat moderation. This, according to Dr Disrespect, means companies such as Sony and Microsoft aren't doing enough to combat racism. 

While it is ultimately down to a streamer's personal choice to moderate Twitch chat, when it comes to large companies, DrDisrespect wants action to be taken. 

DrDisrespect called out Microsoft and Sony, naming the two console giants, and explaining: "Their chats are not moderated. I go there as a spectator, it’s f**king a distraction to see the amount of racism that happens within a chat that is unmoderated.”



DrDisrespect further exclaimed if big publishers go live on YouTube or Twitch, then they should hold their chat, as things are out of control at this point.

While DrDisrespect agrees it is hard to regulate toxic live chat, he believes a solution needs to be found. 

He also gave a tip to the big publishers, saying if they are going to do a live event and not moderate, they should do the following: “Come out with this pre-produced video, put it on your YouTube channel, turn off comments, and there you go. Tweet it out, turn off replies on your Twitter.”



Basically, DrDisrespect wants the big publisher to "f%#king step up". 

DrDisrespect isn't just all talk either, as he is putting his money where his mouth is. 



It remains to be seen how (or if) big publishers will handle the racism and toxic chat in livestream events.

However, DrDisrespect does make a very good point, as publishers can turn off comments, especially when things escalate quickly.