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Relive Guangzhou Charge’s Overwatch League story so far with new comic teaser

Waiting for the next round of playoffs? The Overwatch League is recapping numerous team’s journey so far in a series of video shorts.

Ahead of the Overwatch League Playoffs Round 2, Blizzard are releasing a series of comic-styled videos recapping the journeys of certain teams.

The first focuses on Guangzhou Charge’s path to Playoffs, including winning Summer Showdown 2020 and acquisition of western players Charlie “nero” Zwarg and Alberto “neptuNo” Gonzales. 

This is the first of three videos set to be released for the Overwatch League postseason, with others set to focus on teams Shanghai Dragons and San Francisco Shock.

The remaining two videos are set to be released next week on Wednesday 16th September and Thursday 17th September.

The Overwatch League Playoffs continue with Round 2 on 11-13th September, with the top four teams qualifying for grand finals on 8-10th October. 

There’s plenty of special features for viewers too, including tweet cams, special overlays, and the chance to win $100,000. 

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