Triple Damage announced as first test for Experimental mode

Triple Damage will be the first of the Experimental Modes coming to Overwatch after being teased in the last Developer Update as an upcoming feature, with the Card set to go live within the week.
Triple Damage announced as first test for Experimental mode
In the latest Developer Update, the upcoming Experimental Card was discussed and Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed the first 'experiment' that will go live will be Triple Damage.

When first announced, the Experimental Card was revealed to be an upcoming feature that will be found alongside the main cards found in the game such as Quick Play and the Game Browser in an attempt to speed up the process from the Public Test Region to the main servers.

This will allow for more radical changes including hero balance or game mode adjustments as well as modes vastly different from the usual offerings in-game rather than bug fixing or resolving stability issues. 

After the 2-2-2 role lock and recent new about Hero Pools coming to competitive play, Triple Damage as the first Experimental Card will allow three DPS characters in Role Queue for the first time in over six months. Only one tank will be available with two support heroes rounding out each team of six.


(Credit: Blizzard)

DPS heroes are some of the most popular within Overwatch and before locks were enforced, it was common for games to be comprised of excessive DPS and lack crucial tank and support elements.

The meta developed into GOATs which saw DPS a redundant role, with three tanks and three supports dominating the top level of play before the role lock was brought in as a counter when balancing efforts failed.

The Triple Damage Experimental Card is set to go live on 25th February across PC and console servers.