Team USA beat Team China to win Overwatch World Cup

Team USA's victory denied South Korea a fourth OWWC win in a row and is the first time the American squad has made it into the top four.
Team USA beat Team China to win Overwatch World Cup

The Overwatch World Cup has been won by Team USA, ending the reign of South Korean dominance that has ruled for the previous three years.

Despite San Fransisco Shock being the Overwatch League Season 2 Champions and three of their players on the roster, Team USA entered the tourament as the fifth ranked team below South Korea, Canada, China and France.

This only just saw them avoid running the 28-team gauntlet of the premliminaries. Instead, Team USA dominated the Group Stage with a flawless 12-0-0 record including a 3-0 win over Team South Korea to qualify straight for the semifinals.

A rematch against the South Koreans initially suggested that the US win earlier was a fluke, but Team USA came back to win convincingly on Hollywood and Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

Horizon Lunar Colony ended in a 3-3 draw, before the Americans triumphed on Nepal 2-0.

With just Team China stood in their way, a new OWWC champion was guaranteed to be crowned and Team USA were able to take the Finals 3-0.

Just as in the Regular Season of OWL this year, it was San Fransisco Shock star Jay "sinatraa" Won who claimed the T-Mobile MVP award.

Dallas Fuel, Houston Outlaws, LA Gladiators, LA Valiant and Washington Justice all also had representatives in the winning Team USA roster.