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Vancouver Titans release their entire roster and coaching staff days before OWL set to return

Just mere days before Vancouver returns to action, the beloved former members of RunAway were finally let go.
Vancouver Titans release their entire roster and coaching staff days before OWL set to return

The worst kept secret in Overwatch League has finally been unveiled publicly - the Vancouver Titans parted ways with their entire roster and coaching staff in one quick swoop.



In the statement published by the OWL Season 2 runner-ups, announced the departures of the following players and staff:

  • HyoJong “HakSal” Kim (DPS)
  • Minsoo “Seominsoo” Seo (DPS)
  • Seongjun “Slime” Kim (Support)
  • Chunghee “Stitch” Lee (DPS)
  • Juseok “Twilight” Lee (Support)
  • JeHong “RyuJeHong” Yu (Support)
  • Chan Hyeong "Fissure" Baek (Tank)
  • Yangwon “Yang1” Kweon (Coach)
  • Jae Hong “Andante” Hwang (Coach)

The announcement explains that the Titans' original plan "for the team to join the Asian division and continue to play the new schedule from the comfort of players’ homes."

Reasons for the roster's unhappiness are vast, we've explained every single one if you're curious as to why the team imploded. Now, the big issue for the franchise is how are you going to replace such a decorated and beloved squad?

“We are excited to tell you that we will be supporting that path to pro, and in future announcements will share our plan which will include introducing our new core of Vancouver Titans players along with how we will help aspiring young players make the leap into professional play.”


Vancouver titans OWL release Roster team
The all Korean history of Vancouver has come to an end (Picture: Overwatch League)

According to ESPN, Vancouver has set his sights on Second Wind players, a tier 2 professional Overwatch squad playing in Contenders. Standouts include damage dealer Dalton Bennyhoff and flex support Randal "Roolf" Stark.

Vancouver Titans are set to play the Washington Justice next Saturday, May 9th.