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All Palworld Console Commands & Effects

We outline all the console commands for Palworld and their effects when hosting a dedicated server.
All Palworld Console Commands & Effects

Are you hosting a dedicated server for your friends in Palworld? Then, you might need a list of console commands so you can quickly and efficiently perform some actions. 

Let's jump straight in, outlining all the console commands in Palworld and their effects on the players and server.

All Palworld Console Commands

Palworld console commands dedicated server list shut down teleport player kick
Try not to shut down your Palworld dedicated server while players are hunting an Alpha Pal, please... (Picture: PocketPair)

First up, it is important to note that these commands are for those running a Dedicated Server. The commands do not work for those who just play Palworld single-player or regular multiplayer.

With that foreword out of the way, let's dive in. Take a look at all the Palworld console commands and their effects below.

Palworld Console Command Console Command Effect
/Info This Palworld console command is used often, as it shows you both the game version (patch code) and server name details.
/ShowPlayers See how many players and which players specifically (as per their SteamIDs, are currently playing on your Palworld dedicated server.
/DoExit Shuts down your Palworld dedicated server.
/Broadcast {MessageText} Broadcast a message as the server (will have a SYSTEM tag) to all players. 
/KickPlayer {SteamID} Kick a player from your Palworld server.
/BanPlayer {SteamID} Ban a player from your Palworld server.

/TeleportToPlayer {SteamID} Use this Palworld console command to teleport yourself to a specific player. 
/TeleportToMe {SteamID} Send a player directly to you like magic!
/Save Saves all data from your world. We recommend doing this before shutting down the server.
/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}

This Palworld console command shuts down your server after the specified number of seconds have passed. You can also just do /Shutdown which does not provide a countdown or warning, still shutting down your Palworld dedicated server.

PocketPair, might add more console commands in the future. At the time of writing, Xbox console players or those playing via the Windows Store on PC do not have the option to create a Dedicated Server for Palworld. To be clear, it is only available to use on Steam.

The Palworld future content/update roadmap includes cross-play between Xbox and PC, as well as server migration and transfers.

While you wait for more updates and Palworld console commands, check out the fantastic Early Access launch trailer for Palworld, the open-world survival/crafting game from PocketPair below!

We will endeavor to update this article with haste if more Palworld console commands become available. 

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